radi.o / In Development

A project to stimulate the imagination through an immersive, auditory narrative experience, reviving children’s opportunities and capacity to listen rather than watch. This is about our ability to listen, the qualities of that listening and how it can awaken our imagination. The Radi.o is a large white box that can accommodate 10 children and 1 or 2 adults. Inside the box there are cushions to sit on, to lie on. The lighting is very low. When the radi.o is turned on there is an image of a room, maybe a kitchen, projected on the walls around us. Perhaps the room becomes inhabited by people, the characters from a story. We never quite see their faces. One of the characters starts to talk to us. As they speak, the image centres in on their mouth, everything else goes dark, though the sounds of the story continue. We are moving into the world of the radi.o. Gradually the mouth too fades and we are left only with sound. That is how we experience the rest of the story – it’s all around us – we are in the thick of it. We can be transported anywhere. To any time. Toward the end of the story the image slowly re-materialises and we are back in the kitchen. It’s empty now and has been changed by whatever has happened. The Radi.o is also about reinventing this iconic object for those generations who have never been without the moving image and for whom ‘radio’ means something that is a source of music and information, but not of the creative imagination. This particular version of the project is conceived with a young audience in mind, but there are endless future possibilities for different audiences.